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Hi there and thanks for stopping by! Here at Look 4 Me the safety of our fellow pedestrians and bikers is our top priority. Our mission is to reach as many people as possible with the message #Look4MeNotYourPhone. We stand to challenge anyone who sees our logo to put the phone down and look at the road.


You may have known us previously on Facebook as Got2HaveItLLC, as this was originally our founders business identity. However, since his dedication to road safety, we have rebranded ourselves and started the campaign #Look4MeNotYourPhone. Find us at the facebook tag @Look4MeNYP or no Instagram as @lookforme.notyourphone.


Why We Do It

Our founder’s life was forever changed on April 30th, 2014‐ the day Jim became the victim of a distracted driving accident. The simple act of someone not looking at the road resulted in numerous surgeries, unending pain, and financial hardship. However, our founder was awoken to the very real, very serious dangers distracted driving causes, and has since dedicated himself to raising awareness.


It is CRITICAL that change begins. We can no longer stand to watch lives be torn apart by something that can so easily be avoided. Take a stand with us! Wear our products to challenge yourself and the drivers around you to rethink the way we see the road.


Join The Cause

Sometimes, all it takes for someone to realize it's time they put the phone down is a simple bumper sticker at a red light. Our products are designed to catch eyes, so we can all work together to spread the word! Every purchase goes towards continuing our pursuit to end distracted driving.


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